Bedford Project

We knew the property at 801 Bedford would be one of our most challenging projects yet. When we discovered this property, it was evident that this it had been vacant for some time and that it had suffered severe neglect during its vacancy. However, as we toured, we immediately recognized the potential this home had. Despite the significant challenges ahead, we knew we had to take on this project.

The renovation began in late February, and finally concluded in late July. This home is currently on the market and available for purchase. Below is a photo documentary of our journey transforming this property into the beautiful home it is today. We hope you enjoy.

Bedford Project Start: February 21, 2017

Progress Update: March 13, 2017

Progress Update: March 26, 2017

Progress Update: April 23, 2017

Progress Update: May 7th, 2017

Progress Update: June 13th, 2017

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Bedford Project Complete! – July 20th, 2017